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I'm Matthew, Class of '76 [ or no class - dependent upon whom you ask! ]

I realize that for many of us - high school was a low point - however, the experiences at NTCI contributed greatly to what we are today, ultimately it did make us better. It was (and still is) a place I would send my child, and is far and away better than most of the schools I have visited over the years.


This is a huge step for me, as I tend to be a rather private person, but the need for an alternate venue for storing and presenting photos from our years at NTCI has forced me to create this website.

I played the Double Bass [ well, more like acted playing ] during Grade 9, under David Ford - to whom I owe a great deal. He taught me to overcome my perceived limitations and to "push the envelope" - long before that phrase was coined. In doing so, he, along with Joe Fox, the Hill's, and a number of other great teachers, helped me to assess my own limitations. Unfortunately, I usually do that just after I jump in to the abyss. [ Being 20ft. in to a 180ft.  rappel is not the time to ask - "Was that a bowline or a granny knot?"! - or my personal favourite, "Did we leave the detonator connected?" ( while surrounded by waaayyyy too much explosive)] Some days, I wish I had just learned to say "Would you like fries with that?".

Grade 10, I played football [ rather badly ], under Coach Keenan, who suffered my natural physical ineptitude with good humour and great tolerance. It was this year I picked up my camera again and started ruining miles of film.

Grade 11 thru' 13 I participated in the Year book and the Camera Club, which is how I come to have so many images from those years. I apologize to all whom I have forgotten, and for allowing myself to dispose of thousands of negatives during one of my monumental house cleanings [ aka - moving ]. If anyone knows how to contact Doug Chan, please ask him to e-mail me - as I'm fairly sure that Doug has many more photos buried somewhere. There were many photographers at NT, far better than I, whom have yet to come forward, I'm hoping that they will rummage about and share with us whatever they can find.

So, here you will find the better photos that my Brother John, Desmond Brett and I, have located after 20+ years of moving around the continent. If you have any photos that you would like to share, please feel free to e-mail them to me and I will happily post them along with whatever information you care to provide. [ Most Photo stores, departments and copy shops now offer scanning services for slides, negatives, and prints - just have them scan the item in as a JPG and email it to me.]

If you require a snail-mail address, please e-mail me and I'll send you one [ I travel and move a fair bit- see the Alaska page - so it's a "need to know" item], I can scan pretty much anything you have.

I'll post more photos as we find them and also information pertaining to the 2012 - 100th Anniversary Celebration. 

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